Praise For The Writing And Speaking Of Henry DeVries

“As a speaker coach at the highest level it takes a lot for me to be impressed. I was blown away watching Henry teach what he knows best, book creating and storytelling. Wow. If you get an opportunity to learn from Henry, lean in and be a sponge. Bonus is he’ll keep you laughing too.”
Darren LaCroix, AS, CSP

World Champion Speaker

“In our workshop, Henry helped each member of our group learn how to convert their selling proposition into a story. We were rapt for three hours. It was a fun learning experience. A master storyteller himself, Henry breaks down the essence of getting your message across by crafting a compelling story. There are eight types, he tells us — monster, underdog, comedy, tragedy, mystery, quest, escape and rebirth.”
John Calia

Vistage International chair, executive coach, and author of "The Reluctant CEO: Succeeding Without Losing Your Soul"

“Henry DeVries gave a keynote at our 2018 Speaking Consulting Network conference and he was mesmerizing. We learned so much from him. He engaged our members and it was clear he did his homework on what our organization was all about. I recommend Henry to anyone who wishes to take their business to the next level of excellence.”
Lois Banta

CEO of Speaking Consulting Network and Banta Consulting Group

“As an author and national speaker myself, I’m always looking for ways to improve. His book and keynote are concise but spot-on with clear direction on how to enhance your storytelling ability whether you are a trainer, business executive, writer or sales person. Henry makes it fun and easy to apply his strategies and improve as a storyteller. He persuaded me.”
Robin Ryan

Author of "60 Seconds & You’re Hired"

“Forget everything you know about selling, negotiating and closing deals. The Henry DeVries ‘Persuade with a Story’ presentation teaches you in funny ways how to deliver your story to your audience for greater impact and sales results.”
Gregory Brooks

Executive Director, Institute of Management Consultants USA

“Henry is the consummate pro when it comes to storytelling and how to use story to create value and sell your products and services. He walks his talk as he demonstrates the power of how you can make it work in your business. He delivers high-impact content with humor and insight.”
Mark LeBlanc

Past president of the National Speakers Association, and founder of the Whatever It Takes conference and the Achievers Circle

“With Henry’s expertise and guidance, I set myself apart from the competition and built a multi-million-dollar consulting firm.”
Tom Searcy

Founder of Hunt Big Sales and co-author of "Whale Hunting"

“Henry’s presentation was very well received by my Vistage CEOs. His understanding and emphasis on the importance of storytelling in getting any message across was both fascinating and valuable to business leaders. Of course, Henry’s unique delivery and sense of humor validated his own presentation skills and made the experience even more enjoyable and memorable.”
Mike Malone

Vistage International Chair

“In Persuade with a Story! Henry DeVries does something brilliant. This simple, powerful book shows business leaders how to attract clients, audiences and followers by using effective storytelling. But that’s not the brilliant part – lots of us teach and write about the power of story. What Henry does that’s so special is to help you grow your business by focusing on the genre of your stories. By using Henry’s revelations about the Eight Great Stories we all want to hear over and over, you will greatly increase your influence – and your success.” 
Michael Hauge

Author of "Storytelling Made Easy"

“This is an essential book for any professional consultant, sales person, business leader, speaker, author or educator. It is a quick read with an easy sequence of steps that enabled me to make an impact in meeting with community organizations, executive leaders and in the classroom.”
Dr. Edward Abeyta

Associate dean for continuing education at the University of California San Diego, on Henry’s book "Persuade With a Story!"

“Investing in yourself is not an option, it’s imperative and investing in this book is exactly the same.”
Jeffrey Gitomer

Author of "The Little Red Book of Selling," on Henry’s book "How to Close a Deal Like Warren Buffett"

“…a highly readable book you’ll want to refer to again and again. A must-have for deal makers!”
Ken Blanchard

Co-author of "The One Minute Manager," on Henry’s book "How to Close a Deal Like Warren Buffett"

Humans Are Hardwired for Stories


Storytelling helps the 50 million Americans who sell for a living persuade on an emotional level. Maybe that is why companies like FedEx, Kimberly-Clark, and Microsoft are hiring storytelling experts to teach their executives to tell relatable stories. Nothing is as persuasive as storytelling with a purpose, and readers will learn the techniques of telling a great story employed by Hollywood, Madison Avenue and Wall Street.